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Bespoke Software Development and SAAS Solutions

Carestem is the all-in-one system development and tech-solutions provider. "At Carestem, We Care."


Why Us

Our software development, app development, web development and SAAS onboarding process is simple and clear-cut. When you contact us will provide you with valuable insights on how to best implement your desired project and provide you with a quote. The quality of our project results is top-tier and our pricing is highly competitive. 


Bespoke Software Development

We offer credible bespoke software development services. The software projects we deliver will infuse your organization with commercial value and long-lasting market dominance.

SAAS and ERP Solutions

We offer customizable Software for Care Management, Learning Management, School Management, Church Management, and Video Sharing Management, Retail Management, Form Management Document Management and other systems.

Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy for IT Support Outsourcing Services, Data Recovery, Point of Sale Solutions, Card Production and AI Integrated Business Solutions, Digital Branding, and Social Media Management.

Web Development and Hosting

If you're looking for a modern and responsive website, we are happy to help. Our website development services include premium HQ icons, HQ graphics, plugins, social media icons, speed optimization, autoresponder integration, e-commerce functionality and so much more.

Mobile App Development

If you're looking to take your organization to the next level with a mobile app solution, we are here to help you. We offer frontend and backend app development services for Android and iOS Applications. Share your vision with us.

Hardware Procurement

If you're looking to procure and purchase the most suitable hardware solutions such as Laptops, Tablets, Phones, POS Terminals, and CCTV Cameras, we are here to help.



We offer small and medium-sized enterprises access to high-quality solutions when they are working with a tight budget. Our web development services are a favorite for SMEs. 

Multinational Companies

We offer MNCs the option to opt out of long SAAS contracts which are costly as they scale. Our bespoke solutions save organizations from increasing cost as they scale in numbers.

Healthcare Organizations

Care companies, pharmacies and other healthcare organizations benefit from our management systems which help to streamline their day-to-day operations. We offer care management systems, pharmacy management systems, and learning management systems to name a few.

Non Profit Organizations

Our mobile application solutions offer non-profit and for-profit organizations an opportunity to connect with the mass market on a devices that the majority of buyers spend time on. 


At Carestem, “We Care”. We care about your project, your working experience with us, your desired outputs and your concerns. We pride ourselves in providing a professional, reliable and pleasant experience for our clients.

Next-Gen Tech and AI Consultancy

Keeping Up With The Trends

Now more than ever, it has become important for organizations to stay in touch with ever-changing technology trends. One of the most revolutionary technologies changing the face of organizational operations is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The preeminence of AI crosses industries and no leading tech company is moving forward without it. At Carestem, we will help you understand how technologies, such as AI may influence your business and how you can utilize AI to streamline and ameliorate your business processes. Contact us to day for a consultation. 



"My experience working with this Carestem has been nothing short of pleasant. They genuinely care! I recommend them." - "Wilson


"You guys at Carestem are always willing to help and assist me when I call them. I highly recommend them." - Chipo




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